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TIES Living Lab at RICS Global Infrastructure Conference

Doug Forbes of Whole Life Consultants, Chris Fry of Accelar, and Neil Robertson of NSAR presented a session at the RICS Global Infrastructure Conference on June 14th.

Neil Robertson introduced the session with an overview of the Living Lab programme, and how the Living Lab is driving transport infrastructure to be smarter, greener, and better value for money.

One of the key activities within Living Lab is benchmarking – which ultimately will be able to give better assurance and forecasting of future performance of projects. Doug highlighted some of the challenges around benchmarking, including the characteristics of ‘good’ benchmarking that the Living Lab is working towards.

Chris concluded the presentation by identifying the opportunities benchmarking presents for decarbonising infrastructure.

Set against a backdrop of net zero carbon by 2050, speedy action is required to reduce carbon footprints. Through more consistent carbon measurement of projects and assets, we can highlight where new designs and materials are making a difference. Collectively these insights can help further reduce the carbon footprint of transport infrastructure.