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Driving smarter transport infrastructure

Research shows us that up to half of the money invested in infrastructure delivery could be spent more efficiently.Determined to increase the productivity and value-for-money of transport infrastructure projects, a transformative collaboration of 25 partners together with Government, i3P and the Construction Innovation Hub formed TIES Living Lab.

Using data, technology and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) within live transport infrastructure projects, the TIES Living Lab will deliver significant value-adding benefits across the transport infrastructure sector.

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Making projects greener, safer, better value-for-money, and less disruptive

Adopting new technology

Standardising modern methods of construction and data-sharing across the sector

Social value

Measuring social value and ensuring transport projects are delivering maximum social value across the country

The TIES Living Lab Projects

Physical demonstrators

• A footbridge designed to fit any station, anywhere
• Creating a new generic standard for equipment rooms
• Automating cable route management system designs
• Tackling the heating issues in tube networks

Data tools

• Developing a centralised repository for benchmarking
• Using AI for data mining to facilitate data analysis
(AI - Artificial Intelligence)
• Providing strategic insight into what can improve performance in projects

Digital demonstrators

• An Intelligent Infrastructure Control Centre to provide the latest, greenest, safest & most cost-effective way to design, deliver or operate transport infrastructure projects
• Assisting the smart planning of advanced offsite logistics
• Measuring the social value derived from transport infrastructure projects
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The Living Lab

Driving smarter transport infrastructure

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