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Who are we?

We are a transformative collaboration of 25 partners focusing on 10 infrastructure, data research and digital demonstrator projects. We work together with the government, i3P, the Construction Innovation Hub and academia in partnership to tackle the systemic issues that still obstruct the use, integration and adoption of innovations that drives productivity through major construction and infrastructure schemes.

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What do we do?

Over the next decade, the construction sector will witness a wave of infrastructure projects with a projected £60 billion of spend each year. However, the increasing challenge and complexity of the government’s pipeline of major projects means the capacity to deliver is being stretched. TIES Living Lab centres on improving the way transport infrastructure is set up within live infrastructure projects that deliver significant value-adding benefits across the sector. 

We are a ground-breaking collaboration with a goal to make a difference and provide the catalyst for long term cultural change.

How do we do it?

The TIES Living Lab partners work together to shift focus within infrastructure delivery decision-making from the ‘cost of construction’ towards ‘whole-life value’ and benefit from modern methods of construction. Our aim is to provide new strategic, scalable, and industry-wide methods, tools and capabilities to integrate and adopt innovation that will ultimately improve productivity and drive wider social benefits. For example, we are building a data repository for sharing data across industry and building demonstrators which provide ‘proof of concepts.

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