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Opportunities to Drive Down Carbon in Construction

numerous advances in products, processes and digital technologies have a part to play in achieving the scale of reduction in capital carbon that is required. These three, highly collaborative projects each provide the ideal environment to pinpoint where advances can be made and adopted straight away

Net Zero Carbon is a hot topic and the urgency to reduce our emissions in all areas of society is now fortunately being realised. 

In this article Accelar, Living Lab’s lead on carbon and environmental benchmarking, present three innovative projects, in the construction sector, which demonstrate how carbon can be reduced and tracked.

Of course the Transport Infrastructure Efficiency Strategy (TIES) Living Lab is among these, as a transformational programme which is generating insights to improve whole life carbon performance. 

Accelar also mention two other key projects which they work in;

  • Decarbonising Precast Concrete, aiming to reduce the embodied carbon footprint of concrete. 
  • Procuring for Growth, which is supporting the development of new carbon reporting and integrating into IAND’s innovative digital supplier analytics and collaboration platform. 
Read the full article here.