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Project 8 – Intelligent infrastructure control centre

This project is about digital tools for control systems and modelling. There are 3 digital demonstrators, the Intelligent Infrastructure Control Centre (IICC) being the first of these within TIES Living Lab. It is managed by Charlie Davies of Costain.

The IICC will deliver a secure cloud enterprise technology platform to assist the demonstration projects prove the business case for the adoption of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), including logistics and conversational AI, with the use of key data sets outlined by DfT and TIES partners.

Project Outcomes

  •  The DfT and TIES partners will have a technology platform they can automatically feed data for visualisation and analysis of major design and construction activity across the demonstration projects. 

  •  We will demonstrate key parts of the demonstration projects that use MMC and Logistics. The IICC will be used to visualise and present the data. 

  • The IICC data will be used to test Artificial Intelligence approaches to mine and interact with the data to assist end user experience improvement