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Project 7 – Cooling Panels

The fourth Physical Asset demonstrator project, also managed by TfL, has Strategic Rail Consultants (SRC) as the key supplier.

This project aims to develop and test an innovative approach to cooling underground stations, including installation of a trial of the system at a disused platform within the deep tube environment.

The new cooling panel will be composed of a curved metal ‘radiator’ with internal cooling pipework and forced air distribution.

The primary objective of this project is to test if the same cooling outputs can be delivered as the original Platform Air Handling Units (PAHU), but in a significantly easier to maintain form.

Project Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the potential for TfL to increase cooling capacity in the tube tunnels, allowing TfL to improve the service for customers and run more trains per hour.
  • Demonstrate the potential to reduce maintenance costs compared to the PAHU cooling system.