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Project 4 – Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) Footbridges

There are 4 Physical Asset Demonstrator projects within TIES Living Lab.

The first is MMC Footbridges, which is managed by Ross Chipperfield of Quantum Infrastructure, on behalf of X-Treme Systems Ltd. The Living Lab partners involved in this project are Expedition Engineering (design), X-Treme Systems (manufacturing) and Walker Construction (assembly), with Network Rail as the primary client. The project has been branded as the “AVA bridge” and you can visit their website here: About | AVA Bridge.

AVA aims to revolutionise the way we approach station footbridge design, manufacture and installation, changing mindsets and pushing the usual limitations of a construction approach.

AVA, the new innovative footbridge, focuses on these key points:

  • Pre-approved system for shorter pre-construction time
  • Faster assembly for reduced costs
  • Minimised negative climate impact
  • Revolutionary dry, prefabricated foundation
  • High quality, durable materials
  • Putting passengers first
  • Access for all
  • Robust mechanics
  • Weather resistant
  • Positive social impact
  • Any station, anywhere

AVA have also introduced the AVA lift and walkways. Putting passengers first, walkways are designed to be safe and accessible. Good visibility around corners and considered platform sight-lines make AVA easy to navigate for vulnerable users. Lifts are an integral part of the bridge structure and mean access is equitable. AVA has custom designed lifts with a dual system to minimise downtime, which means lifts are likely to be in service more often, ensuring access is always an option. Weather resistant AVA’s walkway canopy means a more comfortable experience for users. The canopy is designed to create a micro-climate that stops the bridge cooling and frosting reducing the need for de-icing salts.

AVA promises a environmentally friendly and cost effective design with significant reductions in material and build time. A beautiful and low maintenance design with light and robust stainless steel frame and faceted cladding. A system that can connect communities that have previously been unable to benefit from bridges with its simple installation but that can be configured to fit any station.

Project Outcomes:

  • The project aims to maximise off-site manufacture and site preassembly and minimise temporary works.
  • Save money, save time, save distribution.
  • Rapid assembly approach 
  • Beneficial whole life cost balance of service life against cost/resources/ energy
  • Enabler for greater investment efficiency of footbridges across transport sector

The overarching purpose for the project is to meet or exceed the targets in the UK Government 2025 Construction strategy: 33% lower costs, 50% faster delivery, 50% lower emissions and 50% improvement in exports