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Project 3 – Identifying Drivers of Project Performance

The third of 3 analytical consortium projects in TIES Living Lab. It is managed by Phill Wheat of the University of Leeds.

This Project has the aim of providing quantitative and qualitative insight into what drives better project performance with a focus on cost, construction duration (time) and carbon and environment performance. Project 3 integrates the data collected in the other analytical consortium projects with cutting edge analysis techniques. These range from logic mapping and process benchmarking through to statistical analysis of data. The diversity of data is across assets and across participating Arms Length Bodies (ALBs), and this diversity and integration represents the unique feature of the analysis, breaking down silos between ALBs and facilitating joint learning.

Project Outcomes

  • Implement analysis on specific assets which will provide assurance for what construction projects should cost, what is the expected construction time and what is the carbon and environmental performance of projects
  • Provide a clear value proposition for how benchmarking can be developed to better exploit the new emerging data